About Us

About Us

The Diet Clinic was started 17 years ago by Melissa Johnson who had a passion for helping people be more healthy and happy.
At The Diet Clinic, we use homeopathic products to increase your metabolism and break down even stubborn fat. No exercise is needed. No side effects.

Most Important Rule: Do not think of it as a Diet. It has to become a way of life.

MOST people, who gain weight after losing it, blame the diet that they were on for the weight gain. NO diet can make you gain weight afterward! Take responsibility for your own actions. You are the only one to blame because you stopped eating correctly.
As we get older, our metabolism slows down and we need less food to survive. Eat for survival and not only for pleasure.

We make use of injections to increase your metabolism and break down stubborn fat. It is combined with various medicines to assist you with your weight loss. The products are homeopathic and absolutely safe. We have successfully helped people from 12 years and up with their weight loss journeys. Results depend on how well you follow the instructions. Referrals can be given from countless people who lost between 20-40 kg, and kept their weight constant. The appetite suppressant capsules helps control appetite and gives you energy. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, see your doctor by week 3, as your blood pressure will settle and normalize, and you may be over medicating yourself.

Anybody can lose weight successfully and even keep it down permanently by following a few simple rules.

Are you a health fanatic that likes to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle? Have you got what it takes to help and encourage people on their weight loss journey? Why not earn an income doing just that when you invest in a franchise with The Diet Clinic.